Pulls and Tugs...

Purpose. Direction. Life's calling. Why am I here? Am I filling my cup; am I filling other's cups? 

For about the last month or so these are the things that have been filling my head space (the little room I have left...). I knew when I set out to open the shop that I had plans and ideas in mind that I believed would help me live a more filling and gratifying life. That would allow me to be an asset to the community and to fellow mothers.

Now, after being open for 6 months, I am still feeling pulls and tugs. I keep thinking I am making progress. Am I really though? Is it enough?

Mom groups, ladies events, giving donations, helping customers with decisions, interacting with them and loving on their kiddos, giving my honest and hopefully graceful opinion of how something fits or looks... All things that I LOVE and bring me joy but why, why do I still have this feeling like I haven't even gotten past the tip of the iceberg. 

I am willing. I am able. I am capable. And I can't wait to see what the future holds. 

Now if I could only remember where I set my cup down .....  #mombrain 

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