It's just mud.

Let's set the scene:

You pull in the drive from a long, hard day of work. It's 6 o'clock. You're tired and you were just informed that your hubby will not be home until after bedtime. You have to get all the kids into the house, unload the car (blankets, coats, sippy cups, shoes), start dinner, feed them, bathe them. Oh, and homework? Deep breath, and Go!

You unbuckle child # 1, set them down and move onto the next child who at this point is screaming because she wanted to go the park and why did you shut the movie off and oh man, she pooped. As you turn your head, you see child #1 has spotted something interesting and is going mach speed down the driveway. Come on eyes, focus, what is she doing, what, no.... nope, wait, nooo, crap, no, damn, NO, NO, NO! 


Now let's be honest fellow moms. How many of you at this point think, "oh, how fun!" and don't blink an eye? Yeah, me either. 

Panick attack. It's like a horror movie, scenes flash before me. Mud in the hallway, hand prints on the doors and walls, the bathroom, the heaping pile of clothes caked in mud laying on the white bathroom rug. Presoaking, rinsing, bleaching, washing, scrubbing, mopping, wiping - ahhhh!! 



So I did what any sane mother would do at this point.... let the rest of the animals, err I mean children, out of the vehicle and poured a glass of wine, a LARGE glass. Because as you know, where one goes, they all go. Well, only when it comes to doing things that they shouldn't be doing.... and mud puddles. 



It's just mud. It's just mud. It's just mud.






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