Just reach out and HUG someone!


That was my 7AM wake up call from my oldest. He needed to me come check out his recent deposit in the toilet. Yep, a morning dookie inspection. What a fabulous way to start the day! Not in the mood to dissect the situation - I sent him back to bed. I wish kids had a screen that said what was wrong with their bodies, if anything. Maybe a SickBit, BodyBit, KidBit... come on Apple, you got this!

Up for the morning, I attempted to get myself ready for the outside world and started the coffee pot. And then, it was time to wake up the four year old. Not usually an easy or enjoyable task. She likes to stay up late and not get up in the morning (hey girl, I totally get you). And in case you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing them yet, four year olds are like, hmm. Tiny, raging teenagers. Big balls of emotions. Not that I can speak for every four year old. Maybe it's just ours...

I stood outside her door pepping myself up.

You got this 1,2,3: "Good Morning Sweetheart!"

"Argghhh! I don't want to get up!" *cue the tears*

It was one of those mornings.

Her clothes weren't right or not what she thought she should wear so we changed 3 times. She wanted her Dad. Her hair was scratchy when I tried brushing it (her exact words, "MOM, it's SCRATCHY, that hair brush MAKES MY HAIR ITCH!"). Uh, ok? She wanted her hair up, no wait not a high pony tail but a low pony tail, no wait, up high, no maybe just a clip. Breakfast? Yet another meltdown. And the shoes, oh lordy. This is a daily battle. I should be prepared for it but I still am surprised and annoyed that at 8:05AM she is having a melt down over her shoes. Being four is tough I guess. Sigh.

We finally made it to school, barely. Distress, exhaustion, and defeat clearing showing on my face. Not that I am blaming my kids for my mood - it's just a rough time of year for us. I am usually pretty good about containing my negative emotions because I just don't feel like I need to put that on someone else; we all have our "stuff". But not today. It was all out there. My day was looking to be a pretty unproductive, gloomy, type of blah day and I was grumpy.


But someone saw. Someone noticed my tear stained daughter's face and my heavy shoulders. And instead of ignoring it or offering a half smile - they reached out and HUGGED me. It was a hey, you're doing great, you're not alone, some days are tough but they don't last, hug. It was a just what I needed hug.

So, my point of my rambling: Just reach out and hug someone. Seriously. It could be that one small act that changes a person's entire day. And to that person that reached out, thank you!







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