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Holy Smokes. This is really, really happening.... and FAST! But, then again, I wouldn't expect anything less from our crazy life! 

Maybe I should back up a bit here and start from the beginning. A long, long, long time ago - about 6 months ago - I started looking into starting my own online store. Why? Well because I needed something to do that didn't involve a broom, mop, rag, or vacuum. I wanted to have something to focus on, of my own, that I could do during the day for fun and possibly a little extra income. (Did I mention we have 4 kiddos?) We live in a very rural area so jobs are limited, along with daycare, things to do... you get the picture right? (And yes, I still sell Pink Zebra - don't fret!) 

Late night researching began and continued for a couple months. It seemed so easy. You find the clothes you want to sell, buy them, and resell them. Email, after email, after email I sent trying to get suppliers to buy into me and my grand, new idea. Surely I was the only one contacting them with this type of new venture. There was NO way they could say no... 

But they did. Again, and again, and again. I thought that was it. I was done before I ever got started. Then, a few things dawned on me:

  • One, how in the world was I going to get anything done from home - where would I put the inventory?!
  • And two, having just an online store wasn't fulfilling the needs I sent out to fill in the first place.

So, I took a good month off; prayed and just kind of figured that it would happen if it was meant to be. 

A month later, I contacted a lady about a building that I heard may be for sale and the rest is history! Now that I have an actual brick and mortar store, it has become much easier to gain access to inventory. I am so excited to get out there and see what great products and apparel I can bring back to our community! 

Renovations are in progress but I am doing a lot myself so it's slow going. Fingers crossed we can still open in May/June sometime. Keep watching the online store in the meantime as I will add products as they arrive and don't forget to check us out on social media! 

Also - on a side note, the girls officially started daycare about 3 weeks ago and are doing fabulous! They love Miss Whitney, Miss Julie, and all the other gals (shout out to Sowing Seeds)! I, on the other hand was a wreck.... which I was totally not expecting! But, I am happy to say, we have all adjusted well and are enjoying this new way of living.

Adventure is out there! Stay Tuned..... 


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