Things are Happening at MRB!

New Year = New Things!

We made another huge leap as a business this last week and opened up a Ladies Section in our shop! Was this something that I initially intended on doing? Nope. 

To say that I am nervous (excited nervous?) is a understatement! Children's clothing is pretty straight forward. Kids can make anything look good because; let's face it, they are adorable and they don't allow other's opinions of them (or their own) stop them from wearing what they want and love! Plus, if something doesn't fit now - no biggie, kids grow (too fast if you ask me!). Ladies; on the other hand, all have different body sizes, shapes, confidence levels, and style tastes. What one loves, the next doesn't. 

The other main reason for the nerves is that I have never, ever have thought of myself as fashionable. In fact, if you were to look back at many years of pictures (I wouldn't advise it, lol) - you would be able to see that I usually dress for comfort and honestly, to hide my body. Fashion is fascinating and scary to me. I have SO much to learn.

My goal is to continue to bring apparel, accessories, and shoes to the shop that will not only make you look amazing but also feel amazing too! Being versitale and easy on the pocketbook are also musts! #brokemoms

Stop in, check us out, and lets get you feeling good in your own skin again! 


♥ Nicole

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