Who Are We and Why Are We Doing This?

How this Crazy, Fun, Adventure Began....


MRB was started out of pure insanity, literally! Being a stay at home mom of a 7 year old boy, Collin, a 4 year old, Mylah, and 2 year old twins, Kaelyn and Korah - I struggled to feel human. As much as I love my children and my pajamas; I needed an out. Something I could call my own and be proud of, something to get dressed for! The "Mom hat" just wasn't enough for me anymore.

After long months of research (thank you pinterest!) and some sole searching, I knew that a children's boutique would be a perfect fit for not only our family but also the community. Living in a rural area of Nebraska has many, many positives but finding trendy, fashionable, well made clothing close to home at a reasonable price is HARD. Almost impossible. Plus, who has the time or the energy to load up a bus load of kids (ok, it FEELS and sounds like a bus load) to drive over an hour both ways just to get to a Target - let alone a boutique store??? "Not I," says this mom!

I digress.

My goal with MRB is to find clothing that even as an adult you couldn't resist. Romantic, whimsy, trendy, comfortable, every day wear pieces that kids are sure to love. I have so enjoyed creating MRB and this entire process - even if it did add stress, good stress to our lives. We will eventually be opening a store front and will continue to expand the selection as I find clothes and products that fit our vision. Supporting locally made and state based businesses is also important. Toys, books, gifts, essentials, necessities, baby and birthday registries - the list goes on and on! The future is bright and beautiful and I can't wait to share it all with you!

Much Love, Nicole 


**Update! As of 8/17/17, the store front is OPEN!!*

**Update! As of January 2018, we now carry Ladies too!**



Christmas 2016 - The Schoenholz Family